Operating Principles

Operating Principles

We are committed to our client’s interests which are at the forefront of every investment decision we make. The firm’s partners continually search for ways to build upon and improve the relationships we have developed since our founding in 1984.

The following are critical components to the firm:
  • Integrity — We will not deviate from our value philosophy. We will always place our clients’ needs as priority number one. The firms’ principals have a significant portion of their net worth invested in the same manner as the clients’ assets.
  • Accountability — We hold ourselves responsible for our successes and our challenges. We maintain clear communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed of our thinking, analysis, and execution.
  • Intellectual Rigor — Our investments are constantly monitored to detect changes that may alter the assumptions and analysis that underpin our investments. We are thorough, rigorous and do not become complacent. Opportunity is not found in the safety of crowds and quite often our investments will appear contrarian.
  • Fee Structure — We have a transparent fixed fee structure. We do not charge hidden fees, brokerage fees, or transaction-based commissions.
  • Client Service — We have worked with many experienced attorneys, accountants and other professionals and are happy to make introductions for those clients interested in tax and estate planning issues. This allows us to provide a full range of services to our clients, while focusing on what we do best. We also can assist clients in their search for asset managers with strategies outside our purview such as real estate or other alternative investments.
  • Personal Access — We speak with each of our clients on a regular basis. Personal conversations allow full clarity about style of investing, the products we offer and the specific needs, goals and aspirations our clients have for their assets. One of our team can always be reached live and in the moment. All calls are returned within the day.
This commitment to the highest level of client service is taken very seriously by every member of the firm. Our clients expect these standards of investment management, transparency and service. The goals of the firm’s partners are aligned with those of our clients and we are proud of the long reputation that the firm has maintained.
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