Registered Investment Advisor

Oppenheimer + Close, LLC is a federally registered investment advisory firm. The firm is based in New York City with clients and investment interests globally.

Our focus is on the discipline of value investing which is the foundation of all our investment services. We manage equity investments for individuals, pension funds, family charitable trusts and foundations through individually managed accounts as well as three domestic partnerships and an offshore investment fund.

The most important message for our clients is that our money and interests are aligned with theirs. Maintaining a belief that a few well-researched ideas, held for many years, provide superior risk adjusted results, our portfolios incur very low turnover and benefit from favorable tax treatment afforded to long term capital gains and extremely low transaction costs.

Proprietary Research

Founded in 1984 with a strict value approach, our research includes a focused in-depth knowledge of each company and a fundamental understanding of their products and/or services. Beyond the financial statements, we meet with management teams, conduct site visits, and speak with others in the industry including competitors, customers, and others in the supply chain.
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